Hellenic Navy Receives First Modernized P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Hellenic Navy Receives First Modernized P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft 23 May, 2019


Greece received first modernized P-3 Orion Maritime patrol aircraft. Senior officials from the Greek Ministry of National Defence, the Hellenic Air Force, Navy and Army, Lockheed Martin and Hellenic Aerospace Industries participated in a ceremony for the delivery of the first modernized P-3b Orion.

Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) hosted a ceremony at HAI’s facility near Athens, Greece, for the delivery of the first P-3B maritime patrol aircraft (interim solution aircraft) as part of the Hellenic Navy P-3B maritime patrol aircraft mid-life upgrade and modernization program implementation.

The government-to-government agreement between the United States and Greece was announced in 2015, providing for the re-activation of one Hellenic Navy P-3B Orion maritime patrol aircraft. This agreement also includes the modernization of four Hellenic Navy P-3B aircraft through the Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) Program.

MLU kits provide an extension of service life by 15,000 flight hours. In addition, this contract provides for phased depot maintenance; a Greece indigenous mission integration and management system; new avionics; and other ancillary hardware and services.

US Embassy in Greece announced the delivery as well US Ambassador to Athens, Geoffrey Pyatt said in ceremony:  This week’s visits to Greece by EUCOM Deputy Commander Lieutenant General Twitty and the new commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa General Harrigian are additional proof that we are working together more closely today than ever before.”

Following the delivery of the interim aircraft today, I eagerly await the modernization of the four remaining P-3 aircraft and their return to the skies to provide maritime domain awareness for Greece and the Alliance across the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Seas.

I also look forward to inducting the first F-16 aircraft into the Viper upgrade program within the next year. The successful completion of these projects will continue to expand HAI’s know-how and reputation in the eyes of its transatlantic partners.

The Hellenic Navy operated the P-3 fleet for 15 years.

Work on the Hellenic Navy P-3s is performed at HAI facilities in Greece, as well as at Lockheed Martin’s facilities in Marietta, Georgia, and Greenville, South Carolina.


Hellenic Navy Receives First Modernized P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft

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