Hybrid Solution in Engine and MKEK

Hybrid Solution in Engine and MKEK 8 November, 2017

Ahmet Taşkın, General Manager of Machinery and Chemical Industries Association (MKEK), started to work on establishing a hybrid structure for the company and its products. MKEK is conducting an R&D study for a diesel-electric hybrid engine solution that can meet the power requirements of armoured vehicle families, particularly the Fırtına Howitzer. The institution established cooperation with Tübitak within the scope of the project. MKEK expects the new engine technology to increase capabilities in terms of range and useful load, as well as reduce the noise and operational costs. MKEK needs to improve its budget and employment of qualified personnel in order to be able to advance in the hybrid engine solution. MKEK is trying to establish the budget by working with the related departments of the state. On the other hand, MKEK's studies for an "autonomous" structure that will provide flexibility to the institution are coming to the end. Thus, precautions can be taken for qualified and experienced personnel to prefer to work in the private sector due to high salaries. MKEK will be able to focus on its objectives with a hybrid structure, acting as an institution of the state, but also acting as a private enterprise. 

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Hybrid Solution in Engine and MKEK

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