Hercules of Uruguay Will Rejuvenate

Hercules of Uruguay Will Rejuvenate 11 September, 2020

Uruguay signed an agreement with the Spanish Government to supply two C-130H Military Transport Aircraft in the Spanish Air Force (EDA) inventory. The contract, worth approximately 21 million Euros, includes the purchase of spare parts for two C-130H Transport Aircraft. Uruguayan Defence Minister Javier García disclosed the information on the contract at the Senate Defence budget meeting.

The purchased aircraft will replace the high-cost maintenance C-130 Hercules aircraft in the inventory of the Uruguayan Air Force. The Uruguayan Air Force currently has two C-130 Hercules transport aircraft produced in 1960, which were upgraded from B to H. One of these aircraft is not operating, and the other is expected to be in the same situation soon.

Spanish aircraft, on the other hand, is relatively young, and have renewed avionics, communication and self-defence systems. The Spanish Air Force aims to fly with the A400M instead of these aircraft.

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