Hifire reaches 7.5 Mach 20 May, 2016

Hifire (Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation Program) is an experimental rocket program to explore the fundamental technologies and critical part of the implementation of the extended hypersonic flight.

Hifire is the result of a US-Australian partnership; the tests are conducted by the Defence Science and Technology Group, assisted by the US Air Force Research Laboratory with Boeing while the University of Queensland provides technical expertise. BAE Systems and DLR are also partners.

The last shot saw the rocket reached a speed of Mach 7.5 at a height of 278 km above the perimeter shooting Woomera. Hifire 5b is one of ten test launches campaigns that allow to harvest the knowledge to develop future ramjet engines, whose development was carried out by René Leduc between late 1940 and late 1950.


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