India to modernize BMP-2 / 2K infantry fighting vehicles

India to modernize BMP-2 / 2K infantry fighting vehicles 15 September, 2020

The Indian Army has sent a RfP to national companies to take part in the planned modernization of 811 BMP-2 / 2K Sarath BMP-2 / 2K assembled under license. According to the Hindustan Times, interested companies must submit their proposals within six weeks.

On September 4, the Indian Army Command announced that potential suppliers are required to develop a prototype BMP-2 / 2K equipped with a gunner's thermal imaging sight and a third-generation panoramic commander's sight, a modern fire control system and an automatic target tracking system. Modernization involves the preservation of the current armament of the BMP-2.

The modernization will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 (DPP). The share of national content in the equipment used for the modernization should be at least 40%.

According to the representatives of the ground forces, currently the existing BMP-2 / 2K are practically "blind" at night and their sighting systems, based on image enhancement technology, "are not suitable for modern combat operations."

Moreover, the absence of modernized fire control systems and automatic target tracking "negatively affects" the combat capabilities of the platform both day and night.

Currently in service with the Indian Army, of the 2691 BMP-2 / 2K acquired in various versions, about 1666 units remain. Most of the previously supplied equipment requires modernization. Armoured vehicle production continues at the Ordnance Factory Project Medak (OFPM). In June, 156 additional BMP-2s were ordered, the delivery of which should be completed by 2023.

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