India's "Urgent" Demand for Purchase

India's "Urgent" Demand for Purchase 16 July, 2020

India will buy light tanks in its inventory as a result of tensions with China.

India has confirmed satellite images of china-owned camouflaged ZTQ105/ Type 15 light tanks being deployed near the border in Ladakh.

New Delhi, which took action after this development, will add light tanks to the inventory, which is planned to be transported from the air as a solution with high manoeuvre and operational capability in the mountainous region to meet the needs of ground forces.

The Indian government has approved the "urgent" purchase of light tanks.

There are many regions on the Ladakh border where tanks and mechanized units can be used effectively.

India's new platforms, including its borders with China, will be deployed in mountainous regions.


*The photo has been used as a representation.

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