F-35: Incredible Dutch Blunder with Their First Stealth Fighter

F-35: Incredible Dutch Blunder with Their First Stealth Fighter 4 November, 2019

An incredible blunder was made by the Dutch to 'unveil' their first F-35 multi-role F-35 multi-role operational stealth fighter jet.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force celebrated with an event the launch of its first stealth F-35 fighter aircraft, but an unexpected blunder spoiled the event, with many staying awake.

In particular, the first operational F-35A Lightning II for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNlAF) was coated with fire-retardant foam instead of water, at Leeuwarden Air Force Base.

According to some testimonies, Dutch firefighters had encountered an emergency earlier in the day and when they were called to baptize the F-35, they had forgotten to change their tanks, thereby literally filling the stealth fighter jet with specialist foam.

Despite this incredible "blunder", the event went on as planned, but the event organizers were not pleased.

The flight was not only symbolic but also significant, as the Dutch are still waiting for eight stealth fighter F-35As, which carry out test flights at Edwards Air Force Base in the United States.

The engine was running when the foam was sprayed. It is not known the potential effect of foam to the engine. 

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