Netherlands Approved NATO Plan

Netherlands Approved NATO Plan 18 December, 2018

The Netherlands government approved the NATO budget plan. The plan also includes additional budgets to be used by the government in the coming spring.

The Netherlands has prepared a five-priority plan to increase the defence budget to 2% of its annual GDP in line with the NATO guarantee. Within the scope of this plan, it is aimed to increase the firepower of the army especially at land and sea. Plan’s first priority is F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Plan also includes strengthening special operation units and to increase the investment in the cyber area. After these steps, personnels will be improved.

At the NATO meeting in June 2018, state leaders announced how to increase their defence spending by 2024. NATO ally countries undertook to increase defence spending in 2014 to cover 2% of their annual GDP over a 10-year period.

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