Last Dutch Boxer Produced

Last Dutch Boxer Produced 25 July, 2018

The last Boxer produced for the Netherlands put out from production line. Vehicles manufactured in Rheinmetall MAN Military's Netherlands production line and these vehicles were ordered in 2013. It was announced that it was the last Boxer which is coming out of the production line is cargo variant. The first Boxer produced on this line was the driver training vehicle and entered service in 2014.

Boxer vehicles, made of hardened steel and providing high protection with ceramic modular armor, were supplied to replace the old YPR 765s of the Netherlands. 7,88-meter vehicle is capable of carrying 3 + 7 people, weighing 33 tons. The platform, powered by a 710-hp MTU production diesel engine, can reach 103 km / h. The maximum range of the vehicle is 1050 kilometers.

Last Dutch Boxer Produced

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