How does Pars III Conduct Engineering Tasks?

How does Pars III Conduct Engineering Tasks? 22 May, 2020

A serious engineering lies behind of Armoured Engineering Vehicles, one of the most complex systems of special purpose vehicle configurations. Systems that require precision analysis of all mission scenarios in detail has of strategic importance for combat elements.

Engineering units, one of the first elements to enter the battlefield, are now equipped with modern equipment infrastructure. One of the latest and advanced examples of these systems is the FNSS Pars III 8x8 Armoured Engineering Vehicle (AEV). The company shared a video about how the platform, which was first introduced at IDEF 2019 from its official social media account, performed this task. In the images, the different mission equipment of Pars III 8x8 AEV and its capabilities such as mine clearance, trench digging and obstacle cleaning are shown

Mine clearance, roadblocking, removal of obstacles and maintenance of battlefields routes are undoubtedly critical for the replenishment and commanding of the war. Pars III 8x8 AEV has been developed in line with the needs of the Royal Oman Army. The platform, in summary, a version of the Pars III 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicles equipped with the engineering systems. There are slots and hydraulic equipment in the front part of the vehicle for attaching equipment such as digger arm, blade and mine plow. Vehicle; can conduct creating lanes, removal of obstacles and maintenance and repair of existing roads. Mine plow can be attached to the same part in the field conditions. With this equipment, Pars III AEV can remove mines and IEDs buried down to 30 cm deep by mine plower.  The platform provides safe access to friendly elements from threatened roads with integrated mine clearance line marking system at the back. The digger arm can also be attached to the platforms. During the operation of the system, the vehicle is stabilised with the hydraulic stabilizers on the front. The digger, which has a folding structure, gives the vehicle the ability different tasks such as digging or removing. Highlighting personnel safety, AEV provides the user with the same level of ballistic protection and CBRN filtration as the base vehicle. Vehicles equipped with high-tech subsystems have a special equipment to increase situational awareness during the mission. Pars III 8x8 ZIA; can conduct

- Removing obstacles, opening passages, maintaining existing roads

- To ensure the continuity of the transfer by carrying out the passage operation in the mined fields

- In order to increase survivability, the construction of combat and defence positions, taking precautions against surveillance (concealment), building fake facilities and contermeasures

- By creating obstacles, vehicle able to perform the tasks of intercepting the advancement of enemy elements.

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How does Pars III Conduct Engineering Tasks?

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