HQ-9 Tested

HQ-9 Tested 12 November, 2019


Uzbekistan, procured China's HQ-9 (FD-2000) surface-to-air missile system, in 2018. The Ministry of Defence of Uzbekistan announced this week that the system had performed its first firing test. The exercise had been conducted at the Kulkuduk range in Navoiy Region. According to footage officially released by the Uzbek military, the FD-2000 air defence system was supported by the Pechora-2M medium-range SAM systems. The targets were simulated by unmanned aerial vehicles; the MoD added.

The HQ-9 (simplified Hóng Qí-9, literally 'Red Banner-9') is a medium- to long-range, active radar homing surface-to-air missile. Similar in capability to the Russian S-300 and American Patriot systems, the HQ-9 uses an HT-233 PESA radar system.

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