Human and Technological Preparedness Level For Aircraft June 3, 2019

The air force, which were established only in 1911, is an adventure that kicked off with an aircraft Vecihi Hürkuş built out of assembled aircraft parts. The Turkish Aeronautical Association which was founded in 1925 and Demirağ Aircraft Factory which was founded in 1936, Yavuz Kansu’s THK-13 flying wing project in 1947, TOMTAŞ, TAI. A very, very long process.

Compared to countries that produce aircraft or make significant amounts of money from aviation and space technologies today, Turkey is still not at a desired level despite all capabilities and investments. The efforts to mould public opinion which has been recently offered for information distribution mostly for public rather than experts in regards to aviation and defence ignore the problems in this sector, which is quite a serious problem. This information overload which is thought to have been carried out with good intents not only makes it difficult to state necessary criticism but also misguides decision makers. 

Issue 79