Aim is 2023 for HÜRJET 9 August, 2019

In the first part of the Hürjet interview published on the 75th issue of our magazine, we discussed the general expectations about the aircraft. In this issue, we discussed the differences of Hürjet from its competitors in the market. What features will be available on a jet trainer aims to train pilots for fifth generation multi-role fighter? We will find the answer to this question in this interview.

C4Defence: Will the Özgür Program, which begun in F-16 and provides indigenous flight computer, take place in HÜRJET?
HÜRJET Chief Engineer Arda Güngör: We have included the symbologies used in Özgür Program to prepare the pilot for the F-16, not the Özgür Program itself that works on board. The symbology transmitting the main flight information will be displayed on the side display. The lay out doesn’t look like the Özgür because the training plane needs a large area display. The concept running in the background is the concept of Özgür.

Issue 86