HÜRJET with Jet Speed 11 July, 2019

TUSAŞ, started Hürkuş, MMU (Milli Muharip Uçak-TFX) and jet trainer HÜRJET projects with the information they gathered from its first indegenious aircraft project ZİU (Zirai İlaçlama Uçağı-Agricultural Spraying Aircraft). HÜRJET has passed the first critical phase; Preliminary Design Review (PDR). Training Aircrafts Program Manager Yasin Kuygusuz and HÜRJET Chief Engineer Arda Güngör told us about the HÜRJET.

C4Defence: How did you come up with the idea, that you were ready for a jet trainer.
Training Aircrafts Program Manager Yasin Kuygusuz: About 2 years ago Hürkuş was completed. The aircraft was reached to a certain point and it was time for us to think about the next aircraft. We all had a new question in mind; ‘’Can we make a new jet aircraft in a short time period with the things we learned from Hürkuş?’’. To receive his opinion on the matter, we consulted the TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil. He immediately supported the project. Since that day, Tusaş indigenously funding HÜRJET. Company has created a 48 million USD for only last year.


Issue 86