Hürjet's First Simulator Is Ready

Hürjet's First Simulator Is Ready 7 September, 2020

Turkish Aerospace and Space Industry (TUSAŞ) announced that a new engineering simulator has been developed for Hürjet's testing and evaluation activities by broadcasting from its social media account. Artificial intelligence, which comes into play with the plane taking off the ground, performs the tasks of preparing the pilot for the air fight with possible threat scenarios in the air. The simulator, which was developed by benefiting from the studies that were previously initiated for the Turkish Fighter Aircraft (TF-X), will contribute to the Hürjet design with the feedback received from test pilots. The simulator called Hürjet 270 which represents the angle of view provided to the pilots in the simulator. The pilot can see his surroundings at 135 degrees to the right and left. Hürjet's targeted cockpit design was reflected on the simulator.

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