HÜRKUŞ-C To Begin Serial Production

HÜRKUŞ-C To Begin Serial Production May 12, 2017

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed an agreement on the 3rd day of IDEF 2017 concerning  Armed HÜRKUŞ Development and Serial Production Project. The signing ceremony was held at TUSAŞ stand with participation of Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industry, Prof.Dr. İsmail Demir. 

HÜRKUŞ-C Project will see hardware and software activities to be designed and developed indigenously and integrated into the aircraft in accordance with the requirements agreed by both parties.

Within the scope of the project, there are 24 HÜRKUŞ-C planes, 12 of which are optional.

In addition to LUMTAS, CİRİT, TEBER, HGK, LGK, the aircraft will be equipped with INS/GPS guided bombs, general purpose bombs, unguided rockets and machine guns.

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