Hyundai to Design Next-Generation Large Transport Ship

Hyundai to Design Next-Generation Large Transport Ship 18 October, 2019


The Korean Navy awarded Hyundai Heavy Industries a contract for the conceptual design of a large ship, dubbed LPH II, capable of operating short take-off and landing fighters. 

Hyundai Heavy Industries will work on the concept design of the next-generation large transport ship.

Landing Platform Helicopter-II is intended to be able to perform multi-purpose missions, so some parts like the deck, which is a unique material for vertical take-off and landing of fighters, unlike the ones on the large Landing Platform Helicopter ships Dokdo and Marado, which are operated by the navy.

Hyundai Heavy Industries is scheduled to begin the concept design launch of the Landing Platform Helicopter-II this month and deliver it to the Navy in the second half of 2020.

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