IAI Delivers First AEW Aircraft to Italy

IAI Delivers First AEW Aircraft to Italy 22 December, 2016

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), delivered first of two Conformal Airborne Early Warning& Control System  (CAEW) aircraft to Italy with a ceremony.

The CAEW, developed by IAI subsidiary, ELTA systems,  is installed on the G-550 Gulfstream aircraft. The second aircraft is expected to be delivered to the Italian Air Force during 2017. The aircraft are equipped with advanced mission systems including radar, electronic intelligence, self-defence and advanced communications systems to NATO standards.

Advanced AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) four-dimensional radar with 360-degree detection, identification and tracking of airborne and surface targets.

Electronic Surveillance Measures system (ESM) covering 360-degrees, detecting emitters at a wide range of frequencies, accurately measuring the emitter, its electronic parameters and its platform.

NATO-compatible communications system, produced jointly by ELTA and Italy’s Leonardo.

Self-Protection System (SPS) with 360-degree coverage including active and passive sensors, detecting threats approaching the CAEW aircraft, and countermeasures against incoming missiles.

Mission Computer System (MCS) creating and displaying aerial and maritime situational pictures by integrating data from the various sensors and tactical datalinks.

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