Icy Runway Tests of F-35

Icy Runway Tests of F-35 28 November, 2017

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is undergoing extreme weather testing on icy runways at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, in order to pass its drag chute certification a requirement for Norway’s version of the jets, Lockheed Martin said in a release on Monday.

Norway has welcomed its first three F-35As to Ørland Air Base for permanent basing earlier this month.

“This initial testing is the first of two phases to ensure the F-35A can operate in these extreme conditions,” officials said in the release. Lockheed has also been working with the Netherlands on the drag capabilities for their jets, initially tested at Edwards Air Force Base, California, earlier this year.

“These tests are done with the aircraft in motion rolling over a prepared icy runway surface at a wide range of speeds,” Michael Friedman, a Lockheed F-35 spokesman, told. The second phase of the drag chute-ice testing which will focus on how the chute performs during landing.

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