Drone Launched Drone

Drone Launched Drone 1 July, 2020

Unmanned aerial vehicles, which are expanding day by day, are gaining new abilities for different mission types.

Being the largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the USArmy inventory, MQ-1C Gray Eagle will use ALTIUS (Air-Launched, Tube Integrated, Unmanned System)-600. Developed for special missions such as intelligence, observation and reconnaissance, the system will be used in environments, where contains high enemy threat.

Described as air-launched effects, the Altius-600 is controlled via the Gray Eagle with the Tactical Scalable Mobile Communication Network developed by General Atomics. These systems, which are stated as disposable, keep MQ-1Cs away from the risky environment and ensure that the task is performed.

ALTIUS, which can be directed manually, can also perform automatic flights on predetermined routes. The system, which weighs approximately 13 kilograms, has 4 hours endurance. The operational range of the ALTIUS-600 is 440 km.

Drone Launched Drone

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