Better Self Defence for Il-76 13 August, 2019

The Russian Il-76 (NATO Code: Candid) transport aircraft began to be equipped with modern on-board countermeasure systems. Analyzing the problems experienced by the transport aircraft in Syria, the Aerospace Forces concluded that transport platforms such as Il-76 require a countermeasure system. 


The new onboard defence system consists of a control system, sensors and ultraviolet radiation location and missile attack warning station plus a jammer, flare and chaff countermeasures that misleads the missiles. The system sensors not only detect, but also determine, based on the ultraviolet signature, the type of the jet-propelled charge that approaches the aircraft. The system will dispense chaff or flare depending on the missile type, which the system detects by the approaching missiles engine radiation.


During the Soviet Invasion of Afhanistan, 1979-1989, around ten Soviet transport aircraft of different types were shot down, most of them by the US-made Stinger MANPADS. Thanks to the system integrated to the aircraft, these losses are to be prevented.

Issue 86