Additional F-16 Procurement

Additional F-16 Procurement 26 August, 2019

Romania continues to work with Portugal. Romania, which previously procured 12 F-16 jets from Portugal, will add an additional five platforms to its inventory. The Portuguese Government has approved the sale of the five F-16 aircraft to Romania, the price being at least EUR 130 million.

 Before the summer recess, the Romanian Parliament approved the purchase of 5 aircraft. Defence minister Gabriel Leş announced on July 3 that they will have the same configuration as the other twelve F-16 aircraft also purchased from Portuguese. For the first batch of twelve F-16 aircraft, without the package of complementary goods and services from the United States government, Romania paid Portugal around EUR 180 million.

The five additional aircraft will enter the 53 Squadron, from 86 Borcea Air Force Base, which also operates the first twelve.

Additional F-16 Procurement

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