Additional Su-30MKI Procurement

Additional Su-30MKI Procurement 2 July, 2020

In addition to the serious problems experienced in the combat readiness, India, which is in border disputes with China on the Himalayas, has approved the acquisition of additional aircraft.

The Indian Ministry of Defence has approved the $ 2.43 billion budget required to procurement of 33 additional combat jets. In this context, New Delhi, which requested additional aircraft from Russia, will acquire 21 second-hand MiG-29 (NATO Code: Fulcrum) from Russia. In addition, 12 Su-30 MKIs will be produced under license in the country. While the new Su-30s are aimed to replace the platforms lost in the accidents and incidents events over the years, it is stated that the MiG-29s will be acquired for filling the gap due to the retired MiG-21s.

Thus, India will have made a considerable attempt to reinforce its inventory of combat fleets, which reduced number of fighter squadrons from 42 to 28.

Additional Su-30MKI Procurement

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