First 6X6 at Trials

First 6X6 at Trials June 27, 2019



The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) has taken delivery of the first of four 6×6 protected multi-purpose vehicle (PMPV) from Protolab. PMPV vehicles are currently undergoing operational testing in field conditions. The trials will allow the FDF to assess the performance of the Protolab vehicles. Positioned as a highly manoeuvrable and agile vehicle, the Protolab PMPV is designed to perform mission roles such as patrol, transport, and command post. The 6×6 armoured personnel carrier is also available in amphibious and medical evacuation variants.

The PMPV features integrated high-level mine and ballistic protection to offer blast protection levels of STANAG 4569. It also supports integration with weapon systems. The vehicle has the capacity to accommodate two crew and ten fully equipped troops, or up to 10,000kg cargo payload both on and off-road conditions. The narrow body of the PMPV will allow it to perform urban operations.

First 6X6 at Trials

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