Imaging System with 'Learning' Algorithms

Imaging System with 'Learning' Algorithms 24 September, 2016

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is getting ready to develop a new multi-purpose imaging sensor that would autonomously take notice of what is happening in its camera’s field of view and reconfigure the imaging sensor based on the context of the situation. DARPA posted a special notice on 16 September, inviting those who might want to participate in the four year-program to a Proposers Day scheduled to be held on 30 September. ‘ReImagine’ program aims to provide a degree of situational awareness to its operators that can only achieved by suites of single-purpose sensors fitted onto larger platforms. According to DARPA, the innovative sensor will be able to perform various functions simultaneously and can be integrated to smaller platforms to provide time and cost effectiveness to the military. The software-configurable applications of the program will be based on a common digital circuit and software platform to create an open system architecture that would enable a community develop “apps” in software to accelerate the innovation process.  DARPA’s new Reconfigurable Imaging (ReImagine) program is expected to consist of various megapixel detector layers and “analog interface” layers, as well as associated software and learning algorithms for converting a diversity of relevant signals (LIDAR signals for mapping, for example) into digital data.

Issue 86