IM-SHORAD Race 28 May, 2020

The increasing effectiveness of Russia on the borders of Eastern Europe pushes the USA to take new steps and measures.

The US Army is squeezing the calendar to deploy Stryker A1 8x8 armoured combat vehicles equipped against potential Russian air threats to Europe. Receiving five of the nine IM-SHORAD (Interim Manoeuvre Short-Range Air Defense) platforms currently ordered, the US is trying to solve the problems encountered in vehicles. According to an official from the IM-SHORAD Program Execution Office, a number of issues inherent in every accelerated program have been exposed. It was underlined that the process is proceeding as planned despite the roughness that is stated as typical software integration problems. Although all the sub-components used in the platforms have reached the maturity level, some problems may occur during the integration, especially in the software part.

IM-SHORAD is the M230 Bushmaster II FIM-92 Stinger and AGM-114R Longbow Hellfire missile equipped version of Stryker wheeled armoured vehicles chassis. In this way, the US Army plans to deploy the system, which can be effective against all types of threats encountered in the air and on the ground, especially to Europe. The USA aims to put 144 IM-SHORAD into service by 2022.


Issue 86