Increase on Anti-Aircraft Carrier Capabilities

Increase on Anti-Aircraft Carrier Capabilities 14 June, 2020

Aircraft carriers are one of the most strategic platforms in the navy for countries, thanks to the ability to operate a large aviation force in a possible war that will take place in the open seas and the large area control/denial capability.

China, which has been studying to increase its effectiveness in the seas and launching a ship almost every month, continues its steps in the naval missile area. Crowning the sea power with aircraft carriers, Beijing is expanding its efforts to increase its deterrence against aircraft carriers with both land-based and ship-based missile systems. Within the scope of the mentioned process, it was determined that the Type 051B class destroyer in the inventory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy was equipped with 16 YJ-12 anti-ship guided missiles. Although the platform, which was previously known to be equipped with YJ-83 missiles, previously carried out some tests with the YJ-12s, the information obtained is that the ship was completely integrated with YJ-12.

According to US intelligence data, YJ-12s, which can reach 400 km range and can carry 205 kilograms high explosive warhead according to the same sources. According to Chinese data, the missile equipped with 400 to 500 kg warhead and can reach 300 km range with 3 Mach speed and 400 km with 4 Mach speed. According to this data, the missile only gives a 45-second reaction time to the target, following its detection on the horizon by the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Task Groups.

The full displacement of the 153-meter-long Type 051B-class destroyer is 6,600 tons. Operational range of ship is 4,500 nautical miles, which can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots, at cruise speed.

Increase on Anti-Aircraft Carrier Capabilities

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