India Announces New Weapon Procurement Policy 2 April, 2016

India announced a new Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP)  which leads to weapon procurement policy at Defexpo India 2016. The weapons procurement policy focuses on partnership with Indian defence companies and not mere purchase of weapons. DPP comes into effect April 1 and will supersede 2013's DPP, a Minister of Defence official said. The new DPP will give top priority to a new category of procurement known as Indigenous Design, Development and Manufacturing (IDDM). Under the new policy, top priority to acquiring weapons will be given to Buy (Indian — IDDM) followed by Buy (Indian), Buy and Make (Indian), and Buy and Make (Global); the last priority will be given to Buy (Global) category. In another change, foreign companies will now have to transfer technology for providing maintenance infrastructure, even under the category Buy (Global).

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