India Begins Construction of New Frigate

India Begins Construction of New Frigate 28 September, 2020

The steel cutting ceremony of the first Project 11356 frigate to be built with local resources was carried out for the Indian Navy. The ship construction undertaken by Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) will be completed using India's local resources.

The construction of the Project 11356 frigate is part of a major agreement involving the transfer and completion of two incomplete Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates attached to the Russian Navy.

India signed an agreement with Russia in 2018 to supply two Project 11356 class frigates.

India will order the engines on behalf of Russia, as Russia is unable to import gas turbine engines for two incomplete hulls from Ukraine.

The frigate that New Delhi will build, which will replace Russian systems on the platforms, will be equipped with locally produced sub-systems including new frigates, 76mm weapons, Brahmos cruise missiles and torpedoes for the Indian Navy compared to the Admiral Grigorovich class.

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