India may abandon Nirbhay cruise missile program

India may abandon Nirbhay cruise missile program 24 December, 2016

The New Indian Express disclosed that India’s own cruise missile project Nirbhay is on the verge of closure. According to Daily, a highly placed source told that the project is likely to be closed as the missile has failed to deliver desired results even 12 years after the project was launched. A review of the project will be conducted shortly.  The missile’s latest flight test took place on Dec. 21 and it had to self-destruct after veering off from its programmed flight path.

Scientists could not determine which is at fault for the string of failures, the hardware or the control software. Both are developed separately by two different organizations. Nirbhay is the country’s first indigenously built long-range sub-sonic cruise missile which can be compared with America’s Tomahawk in terms of its capability. Designed by Bengaluru-based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), the missile was designed to fly at different altitudes ranging from 500 meters to four km.

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