India Tested ICBM

India Tested ICBM December 13, 2018

India has added a new one to its ballistic missile trials. The experience launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear head warhead capability has tested.

Within the scope of the tests, one Agni V missile was fired from the transporter erector-launch vehicle (TEL) placed on the railway flatbed car. Test activity was carried out with the participation of engineers from the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India. The missile was launched by the Strategic Forces Command. All pre-determined task scenarios were fulfilled within the scope of experience launch.

Agni V is an intercontinental ballistic missile, can be effective about 5,000 kilometers of range. Missiles fired from TEL type vehicles can be protected from the risk of a possible counterattack by launching intercontinental ballistic missiles at any point.

India Tested ICBM

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