India To Purchase $10 Billion Helos

India To Purchase $10 Billion Helos 24 August, 2017

India is in pursuit of purchasing a total of 234 helicopters for its Navy. The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) issued a global Request for Information (RFI) for 123 naval multirole helicopters for search-and-rescue and anti-submarine warfare operations and 111 naval multi-utility helicopters for mostly logistics and anti-piracy missions. The deal is expected to reach a value of $10 billion. 

The RFI has been sent to Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Airbus Helicopters and Russian Helicopters, according to an Indian MoD official. The helicopters would be built under under the new Strategic Partners policy which an overseas manufacturer teams up with a domestic strategic partner company, both selected by the MoD.

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