Indigenous Engine Close to SOM and Atmaca

Indigenous Engine Close to SOM and Atmaca 23 June, 2020

Kale Group Vice President Osman Okyay has been a guest on live stream at C4Defence's official Instagram account. Okyay made statements about the KTJ-3200 engine process.

Stating that the test infrastructure was acquired as well as the ability to develop engines in the KTJ-3200 process, Okyay emphasized that the KTJ-3200 is a engine that will meet the requirements of SOM and Atmaca 100%. Underlining that the system, which was developed with completely local facilities, is an equipment that can end foreign dependency in this field, Okyay explained that it has fuel consumption values ​​far below the project requests and equivalents. Osman Okyay also stated that this situation will return to the missile as a range.

While it is stated that Kale Group has reached the necessary infrastructure for the development of new engines, the good news that a new engine of the same size and weight but with lower fuel consumption and higher thrust values ​​has started has come. Okyay stated that the KTJ-3200 is an engine suitable for evolution in different directions, even if it requires time and project.

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