Indigenous Supersonic Missile by Japan

Indigenous Supersonic Missile by Japan 18 July, 2017

The Japanese Air Self Defence Force will introduce a new type of air-to-surface missile to its F-2 fighter aircraft next year. According to local sources, it will be the first indigenious supersonic air-to-ship missile, which is characterized by being difficult to intercept. 

When compared to the country's indigenous Type 80 (ASM-1) and Type 93 (ASM-2) missiles which are both close to the sound speed, the new model will dramatically reduce the risk of being intercepted as it will be three times faster than ASM-2 and will be able to fly at very low altitudes, close to the sea surface. It is also claimed that the new missile will have a longer range than Japan's ASM-2 missiles, which has over 170 km operational range. 

The country's F-2 aircraft is now armed with the ASM-1 and ASM-2 developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Indigenous Supersonic Missile by Japan

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