Indra Presents ‘Anti Drone Shield’ System

Indra Presents ‘Anti Drone Shield’ System 31 January, 2019

Indra presents smart system to defend an area against drones. The company describe the system as “an intelligent shield”, called ARMS (Anti RPAS Multisensor System), which detects the presence of drones kilometres away. It identifies the model and learns their weaknesses to neutralise them if they invade the space to be protected.

Indra’s ARMS system consists of a radar and infrared cameras that perform detection and identification tasks. Its electronic warfare sensors sweep the radio spectrum to determine the type of link, frequency or navigation system used by the drone.

According to a statement issued by the firm:

“The solution is so effective that it can be used in a precise manner to disable a single drone, in a ‘surgical’ intervention, or a whole swarm of drones, applying more aggressive measures. If an invasion occurs from different points simultaneously, it activates a full protection dome.”

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