Unmanned Amphibious Vehicle Advances

Unmanned Amphibious Vehicle Advances 17 April, 2019

Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Company, delivered the hull which built for the amphibious unmanned combat vehicle. The platform, built in the premises of the company headquartered in Wuhan, was introduced at Air Show China 2018, held in November 2018. The platform, which is planned to move in water with two water jets, is 13.5 meters long and 4.14 meters wide. Trimaran body of the vehicle has 0.55 metres draught and has displacement of 14.7 tons. Hybrid-electric drive system was preferred in the vehicle built with 5-8 mm thick aluminum plates. Marine Lizard, which is can move on land via four tracks under belly, has electric motors and diesel engines. It is stated that the system will reach 90 km/h on water and the maximum speed of 20 km/h on land depending on the conditions. In addition to two machine guns, the Marine Lizard can be equipped with vertical launchers that can fire missiles from surface to air and surface to surface missiles, radar and electrooptics. The platform can be controlled via satellite in a 1200 km operational range.

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