THeMIS Power Demonstration

THeMIS Power Demonstration 14 May, 2020

The use of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), which seen in the operations theatre for anti-tank missions, is becoming widespread with different mission configurations and concepts. In this process, platforms also getting more powerful while getting smarter. 

Estonian Milrem Robotics has shared a footage of THeMIS UGV from the official Twitter account with "The platoon (Estpla-32) successfully tested … towing a 22-ton Sisu APC and a 32-ton (!) VBCI infantry fighting vehicle," description. In the video, it was seen that THeMIS pulled the Nexter production VBCI 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicle.

The company announced that the platform was deployed to Mali as part of Operation Barkhane last week. THeMIS is used and tested by Estonian elements that deployed in the region to support the counter-terrorism operations. The combat weight of VBCI, whose empty weight is 19 tons, reaches 32 tons.

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THeMIS Power Demonstration

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