Unmanned Convoy on The Road

Unmanned Convoy on The Road November 7, 2018

US Army has presented its unmanned convoy technology. Studies in this area are being carried out to reduce manpower and to increase personnel safety.

Works are carried out for the resupply missions to be carried out in risky areas has come to an end. US Army announced that the first systems will be launched in 2019. In order to reduce the manpower needed in logistics support missions and to increase safety, TARDEC (US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center) carries out the studies. TARDEC also held a demonstration at the end of last month.

Two civilian trucks and two M915 trailer systems were used. The systems demonstrated manoeuvrability in a three-kilometre field with driverless technology. In the demonstration which convoy is also evolved, it was observed that unmanned vehicles could meet the driving requirements such as acceleration, deceleration, braking and steering without breaking convoy organisation.

Issue 82