Turkey's Unmanned "Mini Tank" Enters Mass Production

Turkey's Unmanned "Mini Tank" Enters Mass Production 2 July, 2020


Katmerciler signed a serial production agreement with ASELSAN for the remote-controlled unmanned ground vehicle.

Katmerciler developed the entire platform, including the remote control communication infrastructure of the armed unmanned ground vehicle. The vehicle can be used in reconnaissance, surveillance and target detection tasks. Weapons and all kinds of systems can be integrated into the turret. Thanks to satellite communication, it can be commanded remotely. The vehicle can act autonomously. It can move in steep road, terrain and climate conditions.

As per the mass production contract signed between Aselsan and Katmerciler, armed unmanned ground vehicles, also called “unmanned mini tanks”, will be delivered to the Land Forces Command by 2021.

Furkan Katmerci, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Katmerciler, made a statement following the signing of the contract. He reminded that they first introduced the unmanned ground vehicle concept five years ago in line with the needs of the country. Pointing out that they introduced the first example of the concept, UKAP three years ago, Katmerci noted that the UKAP Platform has turned into an “unmanned mini-tank” with its upper equipment.


The vehicle will be able to detect and destroy the target automatically with the Sarp Dual Remote Stabilized Weapon System developed by Aselsan. The vehicle has a very low thermal trace feature. Suitable for use in day and night, harsh weather conditions and climate, the vehicle has electric and hybrid model options.


The vehicle offers a wide range of options with its weapon station with heavy and light weapons, reconnaissance surveillance vehicle, medical evacuation and cargo vehicle, and configurations that can assist in landing operations.

Turkey's Unmanned "Mini Tank" Enters Mass Production

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