Studies Started for Unmanned Tank and Howitzer

Studies Started for Unmanned Tank and Howitzer 15 August, 2020

Advances in electronics and software reduce the requirement for crews in existing military vehicles.

The Republic of Korea, which has a strong army and defence infrastructure due to the northern threat, is starting a study for the unmanned use of K1 main battle tanks and K9 self-propelled howitzers. The final product is planned to be delivered in November 2024, within the scope of the process where the first steps will be taken in next December.

In addition to the remote control architecture, the studies, which are stated to have stages such as remote control driving and autonomous navigation technologies, also include studies in areas such as targeting moving elements and unmanned loading and weapon aiming system for K9s. The Korean Military Institute of Science and Technology conducted a similar study in 2016. In this context, some solution suggestions were delivered to the Korean Army.

The package included a kit integration that provides 360 degrees situational awareness to the top of the turret. In addition, the platform, which was proposed to be equipped with the RCWS (Remote controlled Weapon Station), came to the fore with a carousel type automatic loading system for the feeding of the main gun and fire control and targeting suite that allows remote control.

Studies Started for Unmanned Tank and Howitzer

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