Countdown Began for INSAT-3DR Launch

Countdown Began for INSAT-3DR Launch 8 September, 2016

The countdown for the launch of advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR onboard GSLV-F05 has begun. India’s indigenous cryogenic GSLV engine, a three-stage launch vehicle developed by ISRO, will go through a critical test on Thursday. The launch will be the first time an indigenous cryogenic engine will be used on an operational flight. The need to develop indigenous cryogenic engines arose, as these engines are necessary to put satellites in geostationary orbit and all Russia-supplied engines were already used. The cryogenic engines use liquid hydrogen as fuel and liquid oxygen as oxidiser to burn the fuel. It can produce 1.5 times the thrust compared to liquid rocket engines. Before this launch, the indigenous engine had three development flights. After the failure of the maiden flight conducted in April 2010, the GSLV engine went through a series of modifications and was successfully launched in 2014.

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