Unknown Radar from Iran

Unknown Radar from Iran January 23, 2019

According to Iranian Fars News Agency, a new type of radar is ready for deployment with the country’s air defence forces.

Fars News claimed that a ceremony was held at “Khatab al-Anbiya Air Defence Base” only for protocol was for a “radar system which has been built and put into action” at in the city of Zahedan. Located near the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Zahedan boasts an international airport and rail links stretching across the Balochistan Desert. The adoption of another radar system suggests Iran’s military is fortifying national airspace although its deployment to Zahedan is surprising.

The “Khatab al-Anbiya Air Defence Base” is recognized as a separate branch of Iran’s armed forces responsible for coordinating Iran’s various anti-aircraft capabilities. For İran, to establish a radar installation–whether it’s fixed or mobile was never revealed–means the city is of strategic importance, which it should be since it forms a vital link to the Chabahar Port being financed by India.

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