Iran Hit Own Ship Accidentally

Iran Hit Own Ship Accidentally 11 May, 2020

Iran, which frequently conducts exercises and live-fire trainings in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf, hit its own platform during similar activities.

During the live-fire exercise conducted in the Persian Gulf, a Noor anti-ship missile launched from Moudge class IS Jamaran (76) corvette hit the Hendijan class IS Konarak (A 1403) support vessel. In a statement made by Iranian officials, it was announced that the plaform located at a shorter range than the safe distance, was "accidentally" hit due to human error. It is stated that the platform, which participated in the activities for the target setting purpose and was heavily damaged in the accident, had more than 30-40 crews than usual, and many personnel died, according to unconfirmed information.

Iran manufactures Chinese-origin C-802 anti-ship missiles under license under with the name of Noor. With a maximum range of 42 km, Noor missiles can carry 165 kg warheads. Launched in 1988, the 47-meter-long Konarak was equipped with missile systems during maintenance and modernization in 2018.

Iran Hit Own Ship Accidentally

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