Iran Modernised T-72

Iran Modernised T-72 18 August, 2020

Iran, which is frequently brought to the agenda with its interesting breakthroughs in the defence sector, added a new one to its T-72 modernization solutions.

The Iranian defence industry introduced a modernized new model of the T-72S main battle tank. Platforms stated to have modern electro-optical systems and a new generation fire control system; in addition to the laser rangefinder, ballistic computer, rcws (Remote Controlled Weapon System) and night vision equipment were integrated. It was stated that the system reached the capability level of the Karrar main battle tank with modernization, which was developed by Iran with local means.

The Karrar main battle tank, introduced in 2017, has a similar appearance to the Russian T-90s. Platforms, which have a modern infrastructure, have equipment such as an electro-optical fire control system, laser rangefinder, ballistic firing computer. In this way, Karrars can engage with moving targets even in day and night conditions. The tank, which has a 125 mm main gun, equipped with ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) as well as composite components. It is known that Karrar, whose weight is stated as 51 tons, is managed with a crew of three and a turret system with automatic loader.

Iran Modernised T-72

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