Iran Unveils First Homegrown Fighter Jet

Iran Unveils First Homegrown Fighter Jet August 22, 2018

Iran has successfully test-flown the first indigenous advanced light attack and training jet ‘Kosar’ concurrent with the National Day of Defence Industry.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday attended a ceremony in Tehran in which the country’s first fighter jet designed and manufactured by domestic military experts was unveiled.

In February, Iran unveiled what it claimed was a locally-developed stealth fighter, the Qaher 313, but today it “unveiled” another fighter, the “homegrown” the twin-engined, two-seat Kosar jet, but which looks like a standard Northrop F-5E Tiger II.

‘Kosar’ enjoys many features including an indigenous avionic and fire-control system, multi-function digital displays, ballistic weapon calculator, a HUD system to increase strike precision, and a multifunction fire control radar to boost the identification of targets and threats.

The aircraft is capable of carrying various weapons and is used for Close Air Support (CAS) missions.

The jet will be mass-produced with one-seat and two-seat, the latter of which can be used for both military and training purposes.

Iran Unveils First Homegrown Fighter Jet

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