Is the Correct Path Followed to Build a Plane? 11 July, 2019

The planners’ decisions about the use of human resources in our country, doesn’t fit the Turkey’s aims in the aerospace thus defence industry. Universities and postgraduate institutions are unfortunately not sufficient to train required people. Our point in this article is not to criticize the existing situation, but to create a suitable atmosphere in our country to create and develop space, aviation and defence industries. Otherwise the aerospace industries won’t go further than technical maintenance, producing subcomponents for other countries and piloting services. Roots of aircraft industry goes back to first flight in the USA, Canada, Russia and Europe. The air shows like Paris Air Show that goes back to 1909 is the proof of this competition. Apart from that, evaluation of aircraft design and production capabilities of China, Japan, Korea, Brasil, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Pakistan and Indonesia can be really interesting. For example a family company in Austria sold more Diamond than total aircraft that’s been produced in Turkey. We must argue ‘’How can we create the model that required for Turkey?’’.

Issue 86