İşbir's New Objective, New Opening

İşbir's New Objective, New Opening 7 April, 2018

İşbir Elektrik, which has so far produced expensive yet quality work owing to limited opportunities, puts into practice its new strategies. With an eye to high production capacity, competitive price and traditional quality record, the Company’s Management discussed these objectives in detail during a workshop organised in Balıkesir. Following the event, İşbir Elektrik General Manager Burhan Özgür responded to C4Defence’s questions and shared his priorities. 

C4Defence: İşbir was once a place in the spirit of an atelier; small in scale yet offering quality work. Today, it has larger goals. What is the source of this change?
İşbir Elektrik General Manager Burhan Özgür: There is a world, developing every day. Not only Turkey but also the Turkish Armed Forces are developing in a similar vein... Turkey’s strategic location is obvious; equally obvious is that no one can develop by sitting idly. Especially under the circumstances that we are living in, we have once again arrived at the conclusion that we should be self-sufficient. We are proceeding in line with this realisation. İşbir is one of Turkey’s oldest institutions; the first generator factory was an école. We were small, but self-sufficient. Now, there is an R&D Centre established with our present cadre. This is indeed a radical change. The foundation of this Centre, founded in May 2017, dates back to the workshop in November 2016. Again, the roots of our factory, intended to become operational next year, lie in the same workshop. Workshops are thus very effective. The benefits of this latest workshop will be revealed in the second half of 2019, when the factory will be opened. We believed in ourselves. We have a large accumulation of knowledge and expertise, not to mention young, aspirant people. We are only trying to take necessary measures to clear their paths. We work hard and we will work hard. In this country, everyone would like to raise their living standards and live in security and happiness. They would also like to see their country producing added value and reducing foreign dependency. As İşbir, our job is to produce alternators. We are not engaged in assembly but production. In this case, our major objective is to sell our alternator to generator suppliers in Turkey in particular. There exist in Turkey thousands of minor and major generator producers; however, they procure their alternators from abroad. It is our ambition that alternators used in Turkey would be produced in İşbir. 

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