Name changes the content Remains: ITU Rover 1 November, 2019

Rover, the interdisciplinary student club of ITU, sees itself in a different lane with its years of experience. The problem of the club, which has achieved many successes with its disciplined and planned work, is no different from the others: financial and moral support.

C4Defence: When was the ITU Rover Team founded, and what is its scope?

ITU Rover Team: In September 2016, ITU Robotics Club, formerly known as ITU ARIGE, is composed of experienced, curious and hard-working students from different faculties, who have taught in various disciplines, who have previously completed many successful projects. With its team consisting of five sub-teams, ITU Rover team is a team of 30 people in total. To speak of our achievements in our three-year team life, as Rover Team of Istanbul Technical University, we have been working on planetary exploration robots and have been representing our country in Europe and America since 2017.

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