Giant Step from Spain

Giant Step from Spain 2 April, 2019

A new step has come from Spain which which has taken action to strengthen and renew its army. The Spanish Council of Ministers approved the construction of five F-110 class frigates.


Spain will procure five F-110s as part of the project, with a total cost of EUR 4,317 billion. The ships to be built in the activities to be carried out in the main contractor of the Navantia Company will replace the F-80 class platforms. The project will offer significant opportunities for the economy and labor force and create new jobs. The payment plan will start in 2019 and will end in 2032.


The length of the vessels, which will be 145 meters long, will be 18 meters. The platforms, planned to have a displacement of 5 thousand 900 tons, will be managed by a crew of 145 people. In addition to the frigates, the Council of Ministers approved a budget of 2.1 billion Euros for the development and acquisition of the Dragon 8x8 vehicle for the Army. In addition to the € 906 million budget allocated for the modernization of the Eurofighter, the budget for the year 2023 is now out of € 9,254 million.

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