Spain's Frigate Decision is Close

Spain's Frigate Decision is Close 7 December, 2018

Ministry of Defence of Spain has announced that the ongoing procurement process for the F-110 frigates is coming to an end.

A total of five frigates were to be procured. The final draft of agreement for the platforms was examined and the signatures were expected to be inked in the coming days. The total cost of the agreement is expected to be 4.3 billion Euros. Upon completion of the draft work, text of the agreement will be submitted for the approval of the cabinet. According to the Spanish media, this date is expected to be December 28th.

The construction activities of the platforms to be procured are important for local shipyards. It was announced that 4,326 billion Euros allocated for ships will provide employment to approximately 7000 people in 10 years period. Approximately 40% of the total budget will be paid to Navantia in pieces of 600 million Euros annually in the five-year period. Lead ship of class F-111, which will be put into service in the mid-2020s and the construction of a new ship will be completed every year. The F-110 class ships, described as general-purpose frigates, will be able to serve as escort in high-density combat areas. Total displacements of class will be 6100 tons and vertical launch systems will be integrated on platforms.

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